Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This was our first official school year Spring Break!  For Mia's spring break we took the kids to Hermosa Beach for a week.  It was an amazing week, and so relaxing...  It's always great to get time away with all of the kids.  What made this so exceptional was that Mia has now reached an age where she's like hanging out with a buddy!  In fact, Mia & Daddy spent a few hours each day skateboarding around town. People were endlessly amazed to see this cute little girl doing tricks on her skateboard and totally keeping up with Daddy...  We rented bikes one day and went for an 8 mile bike ride and she didn't even complain or get tired!!  Long days at the beach, late afternoon naps and fun family dinners make for a perfect vacation! 

Universal Studios!

While we were near LA we thought we'd take the kids over to Universal Studios for an afternoon!  We had a blast, but definitely realized that the kids are a bit young for most of the rides and amusements...  We'll try that one again in another 5 years or so.  The kids enjoyed meeting Woody Wood Pecker, although they had no idea who he was!

Mrs. Organized!

It really is kind of scary how much Mia takes after Daddy!  She is very into packing her own suit case these days, and is especially focused on getting ample drawer space when we arrive...  She takes the time to unpack, neatly arrange her clothes and shoes, and then find the appropriate place to store her suitcase.  Ahhh, perfection!

Beach Time!!

It was a bit cool the first few days, but we weren't about to let that stop us from making what Aubrey called 'Dora Pies'!  There truly is nothing like a big sandy beach to get kids excited...  Mia & Daddy played frisbee while the kids dug and threw sand at each other!

Closet Time!

Only our kids would go to the beach and find the closet as the most enjoyable place to play!! Silly...

Sleeping Quarters!

In case you may have wondered how it is that we sleep five people in one room, here is the secret!  The twins have their 'tents' that they absolutely love...  In fact, when they get sleepy they put themselves to bed and ask to be zipped in.  They are like little cacoons!