Monday, March 18, 2013

Bed Time Ritual

Thankfully our children are all very affectionate!  They are all big fans of 'snuggle time', and the twins are constantly asking for 'huggy kissy'.  So most nights before bedtime they like to get some quality snuggle time on the couch with Mommy or Daddy!  That's great if both Mommy and Daddy are able to relax, but if only one of us makes it to the couch, it can get a little crazy as they all fight for room to snuggle, as evidenced above...  Aubrey is far and away the most aggressive, and will step on faces to get the choice spot!  Craziness aside, there is nothing more enjoyable than being smothered by little people who simply can't get enough of your love and affection.  Jumbo love!!!

Director For a Day!

The Twins still go to pre-school at our Temple, where Mia attended for 4 years.  So she's somewhat of a celebrity there still, even though she's moved on to Kindergarten.  A few weeks ago at a fundraiser for the school, Mommy & Daddy bid on the 'Director for a day' package and won!  So this past Friday Mia got to cut school and take over her old stomping grounds.  She took teacher attendance, monitored the front desk, and even assisted in the Twin's class!  They all had so much fun, as you can see above...  Mia is actually a very shy little girl.  We've been trying to get her involved in activities such as this, in hopes of drawing her out of her shell.  She's a wild & crazy child, but it takes time for her to warm to new environments.  This was a great experience for her!

Movie Night!

We've begun 'family movie night' each week!  Mia makes fresh popcorn, and all of the kids snuggle into their individual sleeping bags...  You may need to click on the picture above to enlarge it and see how cute they are in their bags.  Mommy is reliving all of her favorite childhood movies, and Daddy is experiencing them for the first time!  Fun for the whole family.

The Princess & The Whale!

Brandon & Aubrey are really enjoying playing together these days!  It's so sweet to see them developing such a close bond.  The other morning I overheard Aubrey asking Brandon if he would go with her to the playroom, because she was scared to go alone.  He not only said yes, but agreed to hold her hand....  They are two amazingly sweet little buddies!