Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go Bucks!

Big Boy would like to officially welcome you back to college footabll season! More importantly, he'd like to wish The Ohio State University the best of luck. Go Buckeyes!!

Soccer Starts!

This week was Mia's first soccer practice! She's been waiting patiently for months to start her first league... Baseball was fun, but I think this is much more her style. She hopped right out there and ran circles around the little boys!

Blue Thunder Rides Again!

After the longest, hottest summer in recorded history, bike riding weather has finally returned! That means we dipped below 100 degrees... On Saturday morning we tuned up our bikes and the whole family rode to the Tavern for breakfast and some Ohio State footaball. This was the first time that Mia had a chance to go for any kind of distance ride, and she did absolutely fantastic!! It's really amazing how well she rides for her age & size. Here she is busting up her best cool pose!

The Twins Trailer!

The twins aren't exactly used to taking bike rides, so it's quite an adventure for them to get loaded up in their trailer and head off on a ride... As usual, Brandon was snoring before we got to breakfast! On the way home, Aubrey passed out with her head snuggled into her brother's shoulder. It was so sweet...

Shabbat Parents!

Every Friday a different parent volunteers to join the class as Shabbat parents. This means we read a book to the kids, light the Shabbat candles, join the children in their prayers and have some challah bread together. It's really fun to see how excited the children get to have their parents visit. We had so much fun, and Mia was an absolute angel as always!

First School Day for Aubs!

Since Mommy & Daddy were in Mia's class for Shabbat, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Aubrey to join her brother in her future class and see how she did... The school was kind enough to let us drop her off for an hour. Thankfully, it happened to be snack hour, so Aubs felt right at home! We all know how Aubrey feels about food... She never met a morsel she didn't like! When we came back after an hour, this is how we found her. Pulled up to the table, eating and singing along with the guitar playing teacher. I'm pretty sure she'll be just fine! Now if we could just get her to walk, she could actually go to school...

She's Crafty!

Mia is in a massively crafty stage! She spends hours per day sitting at the kitchen counter drawing, cutting, pasting and painting... Her most recent project was to create a likeness of herself, as evidenced above! The cutest part was how adamant she was that we find some Ohio State material to use for her shorts. That's right, the girl knows her college sports!! It's also interesting how all of her family drawings reflect accurate eye color, hair color, etc. By the way, note her Woody pajamas from 'Toy Story'. She & Daddy bought those on a recent Date Night trip to the Disney store, and she immediately changed into them and ran all over the mall. So fun!!