Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful Girl...

This past week was Chinese New Year! Momma took the midget to a big festival in town honoring the New Year. Mia rode rides, ate candy and generally ran in every direction... Combine that with an 80 degree day and you can see why it was necessary for her to take a knee and spend a few minutes relaxing! Mia still sucks on the two middle fingers of her right hand when she is tired. If she's really tired she adds in her left thumb as well... So cute!

Mr. Mobile!

Brandon is all over the place these days! He's definitely moving quickly toward walking, as evidenced by his contstant use of the walker... Aubrey is definitely progressing quickly and working on her crawling, but nothing like her big brother! It's definitely a challenging age to have two of these crazy little people getting into everything, but loads of fun!


This title deserved to be in all caps!! It seems like it's been a few months since we've all been healthy & carefree... I'm happy to report that all children and adults in the Lovell household are virus free & happy to be feeling good! Brandon has had so many ear infections that the doctor said his very next infection earns him tubes in his ears. Uggghhhhh! Daddy had tubes when he was young, so we can live with it. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for continued good health!