Friday, October 25, 2013


Mommy & Daddy dug out some old Halloween costumes tonight in preparation for an adults costume party on Saturday night.  The kids had a heyday seeing Mommy dress up as an angel, then Super Woman, and even a Playboy bunny!  Daddy was prepping his old Hugh Hefner costume and the kids thought the glasses and pipe were the best.  Here they are all doing their best 'old man' look...  Silly!

Disney Cruise!!

We spent last week cruising the Caribbean with our good friends the Pagano's, and Grammy & Papa! It was an amazing week with non-stop quality family time, and a treat to spend time with Grammy & Papa who are always so amazing to be with...  The kids claimed this was their best vacation ever, and can't wait to do it again!  Daddy's best memory of the cruise was sitting in the pool at midnight, eating pizza and watching 'Mary Poppins' on a 25' movie screen at midnight, with the kids!!  Nothing like throwing all sense of time and decorum out the window in favor of unbridled fun...  Children are amazing, and a wonderful family makes life worth living!

Princess Meets the Princess!

Aubrey had a hard time wrapping her head around meeting a real live princess!  She was so excited...  This was definitely the highlight of our little princess's trip!!

Castaway Cay!

After a quick visit to Key West, we spent the following day lounging on the most amazing beach at Disney's private island.  The sand and water were amazing, and the weather was absolutely perfect! The kids spent their day playing in the sand, chasing fish and having a blast.  Mia & Daddy even tried a little snorkeling...  A few cocktails and a long day on the beach made for an early evening!


Our final stop was in Nassau, Bahamas, to check out Atlantis.  Ironically, this resort was the first place Mommy & Daddy ever vacationed together after dating for a few months! Hard to believe that was over a decade ago...  This was by far the most highly anticipated stop, as the kids knew for weeks that they were going to be swimming with dolphins!!  After a few hours playing on the water slides and the over the top lazy river, we visited Dolphin Cay.  The kids were mesmerized by the interaction with the dolphins. Although surprisingly, Mia was completely freaked out and wanted nothing to do with the dolphins.  An amazing experience!

Welcome Home Mr. Marshall

Mr. Marshall sure has made himself at home!  While we were on our cruise, he went to sleep away camp at a friend of ours, who is a dog trainer.  The trainer sent us periodic videos during our trip, along with requests for us to let them keep him...  He's an awfully loveable little fella!