Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cleveland Trip!

Against our better senses, we decided to travel all the way across the country with all three kids! We were Ohio bound. Back when it was just us & Mia, we traveled all the time. She was so easy and sweet, and always made friends on the plane. The twins on the other hand... Well, let's just say they are half psychotic most of the time! So you can understand why we almost cancelled this trip on several occasions. Surprisingly, they all did very well on the plane! Momma had to do the occasional aisle walk, but nobody was arrested or committed... We had an absolute blast seeing so many friends and spending quality time with the family. We celebrated the 4th of July with a BBQ at Grandpa's, and Mia got to play with her cousins, and Zoe & Lilly. Besides getting to see so many great people, and Daddy & Mia getting to play in the woods, Mia also reached a milestone. She rode a bike with no training wheels for the first time!! She is very, very proud of herself, and couldn't wait to get home so she could show her friend, Easton, how cool she is... We're happy to be home and certainly won't miss the humidity & bugs, but the kids can't wait for another visit with their Ohio family & friends!

Mr. Mobile!

Over the past month Brandon has become extremely mobile and playful. He's constantly wanting to wrestle with his sisters, chase after Mia, and even decided to take up basketball while we were in Ohio! We were visiting Russ & Jen, and their family, and he thought he'd dunk a few shots. Little man is funny!

Uncle Chris!

Brandon got to spend some quality time with all of his cousins for the first time, although he especially took to Uncle Chris, whom he got his middle name from. Uncle Chris took Brandon riding all over the neighborhood on his mini bike, and Brandon couldn't get enough! He loved it... Daddy's hoping this means he'll be racing pro motocross within a few years!

Biker Chick!

Not to be outdone, Aubrey insisted on having her own time doing a little riding! After being cooped up during the hot AZ summer, the kids really enjoyed spending time playing in the grass and riding bikes...

Sleeping Beauty!

All of the adventures on the Ohio trip made the kids awfully tired... Mia, who rarely naps, joined the twins for quite a few naps! We had an absolute blast hanging out with old friends and family. All in all it was amazing how well the kids did with the plane travel and significant time change.