Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Ultimate Angel...

Have I mentioned that Mia may be the most amazing child on Earth?!?! She is so sweet & gentle with her brother & sister that it continues to amaze us... Well, short of a few spinning kicks to the head during random cart wheels! But hey, who can blame a girl? She needs space to perform at the level she's reached. Truly, Mia has still not shown a single shred of jealously or impatience.

Mia is now in private swimming lessons and did the back stroke all the way across the pool the other day!! Yippeeee, that is very exciting news for us... She wrapped up her second year of pre-school and started summer camp this week. Her best friend, Taylor, is in camp with her, so she can't wait to get out of the house each morning. Her academic prowess continues to accelerate at a staggering rate. Virtually on her own, with the help of the videos & toys Mommy brought home, Mia has taught herself the sound of each letter & how to spell each of our names. I'm curious if all of these milestones will seem so epic the second and third time around... Poor Brandon & Aubrey, we'll always be so amazed by Mia's brilliance, and then wonder why they are delayed... Heeee heeee

Chubby Baby!

Just thought I'd throw in this picture of fat Brandon to show how much these chubby babies have grown! It's amazing the rate of their growth... I look back at 3 lb pictures of them and barely recognize those babies! The funny part is that Brandon is the skinny one. I fear to even post a picture of chubby Aubrey, as you would think we're over feeding these chunks! Isn't he cute?! He's always got some kind of old man expression going on... He's a crack up!

Lazy Days...

This is pretty much the way the twins spend their days... Daddy is a bit envious! Now that they have passed the 10 lb mark, they really enjoy their 'tummy time'. My apologies for being a little slow on the blog posting. Unfortunately these little people are bit more effort than we expected! That might be the understatement of a life time. Don't get me wrong, they are an absoute blast, but going from one to three is certainly a major change! Aubrey is an angel. She eats well, sleeps well and loves to be held when we have a spare moment. Brandon, on the other hand, definitely takes after his father! He's needy, cranky and demands attention at all times... In fairness to him, he has reflux which makes him uncomfortable most of the time, but appears to improve when we are holding him and rubbing his back. So, that's what we do about 20 hours a day! As always, Mommy is a model of patience and love. Mia continues to amaze us with her patient & loving attitude towards her brother & sister. She truly is the ideal big sister! Would you expect any less from such a perfet child? We are so lucky to have three incredible children...

Multi Talented!

Tell me this Mom doesn't know what she's doing?! It's truly amazing coming home to find Stacy balancing two kids on her lap while verbally entertaining Mia... These kids sure are a hand full, but Momma does an amazing job!