Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion Queens!

One of Momma's girl friends is launching a clothing line and asked if Mia & Aubrey would be in her launch runway show! They were so cute all dressed up in tutus, butterfly wings and pigtails. Only problem was that Aubs was clearly against anything that involved instruction or supervision... So, Mia of course stole the show and worked the runway like a champ. Daddy's little cuties sure are something special!

Computer Geek!

Mia has become quite the little computer geek as of late! Ever since Daddy brought home a new tablet computer and loaded some children's games and websites, Mia is loving technology. She loves the math & reading apps, and it's surprising how much she is actually learning... Now if the computer could just teach her to pick up her toys!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We stayed home with the kids this year and had Grammy & Papa up for a few days of relaxing family time. They were extremely helpful as always, and the kids love having them around. In fact, when Papa walked in the house, Aubrey ran up to him and blurted out, "Hi Papa!". We were all shocked, as talking is a relatively new thing... We were joine by Aunt Cathy & Uncle Ryan, as well as some of our friends who just moved to Arizona from Israel. Great food, a relaxing day, and crazy loving kids everywhere!

The Place Setter!

Mia was the best helper this Thanksgiving! Her school had the kids each make a place setting template to assist in setting the table. It was a really cute idea, and Mia took her job very seriously! She was setting out her plates, arranging silverware, and extremely focused on making sure it was all correct. So sweet...

Horse Show!

One of Momma's friends is a horse veterinarian who was kind enough to invite us to a big horse show they hold each year in Scottsdale. Mia heard about the horse show and made certain we planned on attending... It was the first time the twins had been around horses in person, and they had a blast! We watched a few horse jumping competitions and watched Mia fall in love with horses. Plus, she learned about horse camp...


Aubrey is quickly turning into the biggest ham I know... Here is her best impersonation of a gun slinger!! Pretty scary, huh?!

Riding Camp!

Mia was so excited by the horses we saw at the show that she begged us to send her to horse camp! It just so happened they were offering a horse camp over the long Thanksgiving weekend. So.... Who are we to kill a kids dreams?! After shopping for a new pair of cowboy boots, Mia was off to camp! It's so amazing to see how confident she is at such a young age. We dropped her off at the farm, and she happily ran off with the other kids, yelling "See you later!" over her shoulder... When we picked her up she had all sorts of stories to excitedly share about trotting her pony & horse safety, and wanted us to be sure we knew his name was Leo. Now let's hope she discovers some cheaper hobbies! Her smile makes it all worth it...

Nay Nay!

The twins were mesmerized by the horses at Mia's riding camp! When we dropped her off for camp, they ran straight over to the horses and gazed in amazement... Gotta love their cowboy get up of jammies and Ugz!