Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This weekend was the first time that Mommy has been away from the twins, and for three whole days! Needless to say, I woke up Tuesday morning to find this sweet little man child sleeping next to me... Apparently Mommy couldn't spend another night away from him! Can anyone say heavenly?!

Island Adventures!

This past weekend we went back to Cleveland for Daddy's 20 year high school reunion! We left the twins at home with Grammy & Papa, who were kind enough to allow us a little quality time with the midget... During our stay, we took Mia to Kelley's Island for a day trip! Aunt Cathy and the Reilly clan joined us for a day of sunshine and exploration. We had an absolute blast riding the ferry on Lake Erie, eating sea food (or rather Great Lake food), cruising around in a golf cart with Zoe & Lilly and capping the day with ice cream & fudge! It was great to spend three whole days of quality time with our incredible little girl... She's the best!

Swimming with Zoe & Lilly!

While Mommy & Daddy attended Daddy's 20 year high school reunion, Mia hung out with her Aunt Cathy at Doug & Heather's house. Their beautiful daughters, Zoe & Lilly, are in love with Mia and could not have been sweeter or more fun! Mia had an absolute blast, and I'm pretty sure she didn't even realize Mommy & Daddy had left! Summers in the midwest sure are fun...

Wilderness Beauty!

While in Cleveland, Daddy & Mia got to spend a few hours in the Metroparks. These were the woods where Daddy grew up, so it was really fun to explore the same trails Daddy played on as a child... Mia made sure we found a magical castle, we conducted an orchestra with sticks, and we skipped stones! Moments like those are the absolute best in life.