Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crazy Aubs!

Some things never change.  Like Aubrey's propensity for taking her clothes off at every opportunity! Mia had a sleep over with her friend Kiera, and while having a dance party, of course her little sister decided to strip naked and steal the show...  She is so sweet, so loving and so completely crazy!!  We sure do love that mad little girl.

School's Out!!

It's hard to believe, but Mia is already done with Kindergarten and headed to 1st grade!  Crazy to see the change from her first day of school to her last...  She now reads us books with full comprehension and inflection.  She's much more confident and outgoing, although this is an ongoing struggle...  Her teachers all pulled us aside, one by one, and told us they wish all of their students could be as polite and engaging as Mia!  My response was to warn them not to have the same expectations of her twin brother and sister who will be following shortly behind...  Baaaahaaaaahaaaaa

Pool Time!

Now that summer time has officially arrived, along with the requisite 100+ degree weather, our days of bike riding and playing outside are over for a few months.  That just means it's pool season!!  We had a little bbq on Sunday for some of our friends, James & Amy, and their beautiful little China dolls.  The kids swam and partied and were thrilled to be back in the great outdoors!

Sleeping in Style!

The Ritz we stayed at last weekend did something really cute for the kids.  They set up tents for each of them in the room!! The kids were so excited that they actually zipped themselves in at bedtime and got a great night sleep...  They even included little portable Coleman camp lights for them!  Amazingly creative.

Happy Memorial Day!

For Memorial Day we took the kids down to Tucson where they built a new Ritz recently.  It was an amazing get away, as they really focused the hotel around children for the holiday weekend.  Besides the 250 foot water slide that everyone loved, they had snakes and turtles roaming the hotel with their handlers!!  Aubrey loved holding the snakes and tarantulas, while Mia & Big Boy were definitely a bit more pensive...  A very relaxing weekend with our amazing little crazy people!

New Tux!!

Mia has been taking piano lessons with Carmel for the past year and is getting pretty good!  I was showing her videos of child prodigy's on Youtube, and not surprisingly, she announced that she needed a tuxedo...  So, indulging every whim as we do, shortly thereafter a child sized tuxedo arrived at the home.  As you can tell, she was awfully excited!  She'll spend her entire day wearing it while she plays with her friends and family!!  Silly girl. In fact, she has definitely developed a style of her own.  Her school uniform is worn differently than any of her classmates.  Specifically, she insists on 'popping' her collar at all times!! 

Horse Back Riding!

Mia, ever the adventurer, decided that it's been too long since she's been on a horse! So last weekend, even though it was over 100 degrees outside, she announced it was time to go horse back riding...  So Daddy obliged and we headed to South Mountain for some trail riding.  Mia controlled the reins and did a great job with 'Butter Cup'!  She's a natural...

Full Recovery!

It took a few weeks, as the doctor said it would, but Big Boy has made a full recovery!  Only thing is that he has now gotten extremely skinny...  It's so strange as he was always our beefy boy.  I'm sure a few weeks of eating Momma's good cooking will have him chunky yet again!