Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Tooth Lost?!

Ok, so I realize it's wrong to make fun of your children, but it's unavoidable when they don't have any teeth!!  Mia lost her second front tooth this week, and is our little hillbilly now...  She looks so amazingly silly & cute, and she thinks it's the greatest.  Two visits from the tooth fairy in the same week may bankrupt us!

1st Grade!!!!!

Last week Mia started 1st grade!  She had so much fun last year that she couldn't wait to get back...  Strange, I don't recall ever feeling that way!  She looks so sweet in her little uniform, and is growing up so quickly.  In fact, she was kind of embarrassed that Mommy & Daddy wanted pictures in class, and a hug or kiss was definitely out of the question...  Our little girl!

Back to Pre-School

The Twins started back to their preschool the same day that Mia started back!  They go M, W & F from 9-1.  Just long enough to get socialized and give Momma a break.  Plus, they are learning all about their Jewish faith.  They love it, and were so excited to go back!

First Front Tooth Lost!!

So Mia lost two teeth last year, but nothing since.  Then, all of the sudden both of her top front teeth became lose while on vacation in California...  A little twisting and tugging later and here she is with a nice tooth window!  She wrote the cutest letter to the tooth fairy, and then told us she thought the tooth fairy would bring her $60...  Wishful thinking!

Summer Fun!

This summer hasn't been nearly as brutal as the past few, as we've been able to be outside swimming and enjoying some quality pool time!  Until now the twins have been so dangerous around water, and difficult to watch, that we kept the back yard closed up.  Not this year!!  They are swimming like fish...  Brandon and Aubrey now like to dive off the water fall and swim across the pool.  Pretty impressive little dolphins they are!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cali Vaca!!

It was time for our annual 'get out of the heat' and head to Carlsbad vacation!  We spent the past few weeks chilling along the shore with the kids, and our neighbors, the Paganos.  The kids, as expected, enjoy nothing more than rolling around in the sand.  In fact, one day all the kids buried Aubrey up to her neck in the sand, and she decided to take a nap! No kidding...  We had an amazingly relaxing and enjoyable week with good food, total relaxation and perfect weather!


This vacation was all about being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather!  Mia has become quite the prolific skater, and wanted nothing more than to spend her days skate boarding around town with Daddy.  She is seriously one cool skate rat!  Bubba & Aubs spent their days working to keep up on their scooters, while Momma was always trailing along with a stroller, sweatshirts, and anything the kids might possible need...  She a good Momma!

Legoland Crazy Faces!

During our trip we left the beach twice, just long enough to hit up LEGOLAND and Sea World for a day!  At Sea World we got to 'Dine with Shamu', which was the highlight of Big Boy's year!! To eat lunch with Shamu swimming next to him absolutely lit him up...  At LEGOLAND the kids did their annual face painting.  Pretty scary, huh?  Such fun...

US Midway!

After a week of relaxing in Carlsbad, we went over to Aunt Caren & Uncle Pat's for a few days with the cousins.  They took us down to see the Midway Aircraft Carrier in downtown San Diego!  The kids got to climb all over the ship, and get in and out of fighter planes and helicopters.  It was a very cool experience, and the kids we amazed at the size and scale of everything!  Great experience.

Family Time!

We had a whole lot of fun in California, like we do every year!  However, the reason this is always our favorite trip of the year is because it's all about the quality time together as a family...  We're always so busy, and the year goes by so fast.  The time away, relaxing on the beach, riding bikes and just walking to get ice cream is the most enjoyable time, and the reason we have a family!  Even when someone is melting down, like Aubrey was in this picture, it's still time together, as a family, and creating memories.  Nothing more enjoyable!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tooth Fairy Visit!

Mia lost one tooth last year, but still has all of her other baby teeth.  Finally, over the past few weeks, her front tooth began to loosen up.  During our vacation we watched it closely as it appeared that it may fall out any day...  Finally, on the last day of vacation, Mia pulled on it and it came out!  She was so excited.  First thing she did when we got home was write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and put it under her pillow, along with the tooth.  Tonight is a big night!!