Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, Grammy & Papa drove up from Tucson and joined us for brunch at the Club, followed by a little swimming for the midget & Daddy! Even the twins got to hang out in the shade and enjoy a little bit of the spring heat in Phoenix. Mia loves swimming now and is really getting quite good... It's frightening how quickly she's growing into a full blown little person. She's no longer just our midget. The other night Stacy went into Mia's room in the middle of the night to cover her up, and came out in shock at how large Mia's body was when she tried to move her in the bed... Raising kids is an absolute blast, but it sure does go quickly!

The Cutie!

I swear this kid gets cuter every day! No matter what is going on around her, she is an absolute joy without a care in the world... Her parents haven't slept in days, the kids are crying, toys are everywhere, and she prances around with a cat mask on her head like this is the greatest day of her life... Gotta love her contagious joy!! She's the best.

Mia's Playmates!

Mia likes playing with her siblings, even if they don't know it! Daddy walked into the living room to check on Brandon as he was enjoying a little 'tummy time' on the floor, only to find that Mia was decorating him with rubber frogs! She was quite entertained by her creation and wanted to ensure that Daddy got a picture... She's so silly & entertaining! Poor boy, I fear he has years of female harassment ahead of him.

The Trouble Maker!

You may recall that we felt like we won the lottery with our first child. Mia has always been an absolute angel. Then came the twins. The girl? Yes, another angel. The boy, well, let's just say he's a pain in my ass... Don't get me wrong, we love him. But wow is he a handful... Ever met a child who can't be put down?! Allow me to introduce you to Brandon Lovell. He just loves to be held. So much so that if you put him down he'll scream until you pick him up again! For all of you who say to let them cry it out, I urge you to have a child... Last Saturday Mommy went to a fundraiser for the afternoon and left Daddy with the kids. I literally had to strap the kid into this sling and carry him around with me all day to keep him calm! Note the happy look on his face... What a punk! Did I mention we love him???

Dual Feeding!

Yep, this is what our life has come to... That's one talented Mommy!