Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Vacation in Ohau!

We just got back from a week in Hawaii!  We visited the North Shore of Oahu, the surfing mecca of the world.  We shared a beach house with our great friends, the Reilly's.  Doug & Heather's daughters, Zoe & Lilly, are older than our kids, and were so great to be with.  Our children absolutely loved them, and the 5 kids had a non-stop party!  The North Shore is so chill that it made for a very relaxing week...  We did a lot of barbecuing, hanging at the beach, and bike riding.  Aubrey was in heaven as Doug helped her to catch many lizards, snails and slugs. The girl is straight up obsessed with wildlife and wraps slugs around her fingers as 'slug rings'... Nothing seems to gross her out!  Great vacations always seem to go too quickly, but the memories are amazing.  Plus, the kids are getting to such fun ages, that exploring and traveling now is a blast!

Horseback Riding!

On Monday we took the kids over to Turtle Bay to do some horseback riding! Mia is very into horses, and is always asking for her own.  So we figured this would be the next best thing!  Since the twins couldn't go on the big ride along the beach, Daddy volunteered to stay back with the twins while they rode a miniature horse.  Everyone had such a blast! Mia even saw a giant sea turtle on her ride.  Litlle Aubs is certain she's a cowgirl princess, and is now insisting that she gets her very own white pony...

Snorkeling at Shark's Cove!

Even though the beach in front of our house was amazing, the coral reefs obtruding in random places, coupled with aggressive waves, scared the kids out of being to adventurous.  So on Tuesday we took the kids over to Shark's Cove, a famous snorkeling bay.  The twins were so excited to go exploring and try to catch a fish with their hands.  Mia is always a bit tentative in the ocean, so she played around in the shallows with the twins!  An amazing adventure.

Hawaiian Luau!

On Wednesday night we went to a Luau with the kids!  After exploring the Polynesian Cultural Center for a few hours, including a canoe trip, the evening culminated with a traditional luau dinner and some fire twirling that mesmerized the kids...  It is so incredible to be able to expose them to such new and wondrous adventures.  They had so much fun, and passed out in the car before we were even out of the parking lot!

Sunset Cruise in Haleiwa!

On Thursday we went on a sunset cruise out of the town of Haleiwa!  The kids loved sailing for the first time, and hanging out on the net on the bow was the highlight of their evening...  It was amazingly beautiful to get out on the clear blue water!

Gone Fishing!

On the last day of our Hawaii vacation we went fishing at the Turtle Bay Resort. Everyone caught some Tilapia, fishing with Cliff Bars!  As is to be expected, competitive Mia caught the most fish...  Momma caught a 6" crawfish and a giant cat fish.  The kids had a blast.  Aubs couldn't wait to touch a fish, and Brandon wanted to kill them. Uggghhh!