Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gangster Brandon!

Mia still loves dressing up her brother & sister! Daddy came into the room on Christmas Eve only to find Brandon looking like he was headed to a gang initiation... You gotta admit, he's a pretty cool cat!

Early Presents!

Grammy & Papa drove up for an early holiday lunch on Christmas Eve. Before going to the Club, they gave Mia a present that she absolutely loves! It's basically an erector set, but you can make various objects from a robot, to a shopping cart. She is extremely creative, and very into using tools, so this was the perfect gift. We've been wrenching all day!

Big Lovers!

Mia just can't get enough of her siblings! When they are napping she says she misses them and asks us to go get them. When they go to bed, she crawls into their cribs and cuddles with them... She is just such a sweet and loving child! It's so great that she's reached an age where she spontaneously tells us that she loves us, or misses us. Not sure how we got so lucky to have such beautful, sweet children!

Real Food...

The twins have finally made the move to real food!! We supplement their bottles with Momma's home made baby food. At first Daddy didn't take Momma's desire to make her own baby food too seriously. At least until the twins lit up when they ate the crazy concoctions she has devised... Anyone for fresh salmon, pineapple and eggplant all blended into one seriously foul looking puree?!?! They love it! Fresh fruit, a little pasta? You name it and she's blending it. They sure do love their Momma's cooking!

Messy! Who Me?

She's not too far behind her brother in her ability to wear more than 50% of her food... It's such a joy to feed them and right when you start to move in to give her sweet little face a kiss, you suddenly hear Brandon making strange noises and begin to feel his food spraying onto your face! Yep, he just loves to spit food at those around him! Very endearing habit of his...

Her Mohawk!

Momma can't help but to make silly hair styles with the twins when bathing them! They are such hams that they love the attention no matter how ridiculous they end up looking...

His Mohawk!

Not to be outdone by his sister...