Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aubs Kisses!

Our sweet little angel just loves to give kisses! Only problem is that unlike her brother who gives sweet little kisses, she tries to shove her tongue in your mouth... She always finds her own path!

The Yarmulke Queen!

We all know how much Mia likes to pretend that she is a boy! Well, she took it to a new level last week at services. When she saw them passing out Yarmulkes to all the men & boys, she decided she absolutely must wear one... Who am I to ruin a little girls dreams?! So here she is sporting her beanie with her best friend Easton! Too cute...

Happy Holidays!

For the High Holidays we took the kids to Temple and then had a Tot Shabbat party in the auditorium. Mia had a blast dancing and singing along, while the twins... Oh yeah, they slept through the whole thing! You can see Big Boy lounging in his stroller above, next to his sister! It was amazingly loud in that room, and they snoozed through the whole thing... Those kids can sleep through anything!