Sunday, January 5, 2014

Xmas Chaos!

The kids had an absolute blast with all of he gifts and chaos.  They are at a perfect age, as they are old enough to appreciate everything going on, but young enough to believe in everything Xmas entails.  We have made a tradition of having Santa send them each an email on Xmas eve.  We found a website that sends a video of Santa at the North Pole.  It's unbelievably real, and includes Santa entering their name and picture into the machine which determines if they've been naughty or nice.  To see the looks on each of their faces as they nervously awaited the results was priceless!  They literally shrieked when the needle pegged on 'nice'!!!  Just for fun I included Marshall, our puppy, and Santa found him to be naughty...  The kids were devastated.  Oops!  Another amazing holiday.

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