Monday, January 27, 2014

Mia's 7th Birthday Party - Part I

In keeping with the theme of Mia's current obsession with Star Wars, Momma decided it would be appropriate to plan a series of birthday parties to mark this momentous occasion.  So this past weekend we had a few dozen kids over for a block party complete with a snow cone truck and a Lego Star Wars cake!  Next weekend we're renting out the jumpy place for her class mates.  I give Momma grief for her excess, but it's so fun to watch her delight in making things so special for the kids.  Plus, it truly is amazing that Mia is already turning 7...  Times goes so quickly!  The other evening we spent time together looking through her blog.  She didn't even know she had one!  So we went all the way back to the very first post in China, and it was so fun to see her reaction to all of her baby photos.  I think it was timely as she shared with her teacher recently, during recess, that she has a sad story of her birth...  It was quite unexpected to hear that, and prompted some very deep and interesting conversations regarding her early childhood and adoption.  No matter the reality, all adopted children formulate their own story in their head, which rarely matches reality at that age.  Mia is an unbelievably special child and we're thankful for every day and every year that we all get together!

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