Thursday, March 17, 2011


Brandon has finally entered the stage of learning and mimicing our actions! Here he is doing his famous TOUCHDOWN! He holds up one finger when you ask him how old he is, and the cutest is when you ask him, "Where is Brandon?". He promptly covers both of his eyes to hide... He is such a sweet little boy! You may notice Aubrey's absence in this series of photos. Unfortunately, he is still advancing far more rapidly than she is. The good news is that she is definitely progressing, but still very slowly... She rolls over, sits up and tries to crawl, but isn't quite there yet. Which isn't good at almost 13 months. The specialists assure us she is fine, but we'll feel better when she is crawling & then walking! The physical therapy sessions she attends definitely seem to be helping, but her attitude doesn't. All of her therapists have shared with us what a stubborn little child she is! Great, lucky us... She sure is a sweetie though!

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